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Found 115 results

  1. Timm

    007 on Arrakis


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-01-11 Players » Four Map Size » 208 * 256 Additional Info » 007 has been sent to Arrakis to help clear the Harkonnen from their desert occupation. The Freman are camped out on a very unique Sietch that "Q" helped create. There, Bond can pick up extra supplies and money when needed. This mission must not fail.
  2. mendelbop

    Air Field


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-21 Players » Two Map Size » 64 * 112 Additional Info » A small Arrakis map. Spice is unreachable to everything but air units. This will hopefully result in intense air battles.
  3. rigel6669

    Air Massacre


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-09-22 Players » Four Map Size » 168 * 184 Additional Info » First map attempt, that hopefully will lead to big air battles. The spice grounds are mostly situated in the centre part of the map. Enjoy the air fight.
  4. rigel6669

    Air Valley

    Version 2


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-11-30 Players » Six Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Our far outpost in the southern regions of Arrakis detected the installation of a Harkonnen starport and newly placed buildings in air valley. Our intelligence reports that the Harkonnen troops were transferred to the eastern region as support to finish off our remaining troops there. Infiltrate and occupy this region commander... let the spice flow... Air units are very important as the spice grounds in the centre part of the map can only be accessed by infantry. Destroy or capture the unguarded Harkonnen buildings before they detect our presence.
  5. Gobalopper

    All Around


    Author » WebTurf Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-29 Players » Four Map Size » 128 * 256 Additional Info » Nice large map with big bases. Fair amounts of spice! A few objects thrown in here and there, to break up the sand zones. For all of you who like good long battles.
  6. 37 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-01-28 Players » Four Map Size » n/a Additional Info » Well, you won't find mirages on this map. However, the dunes are full of spice for the taking. Most people won't have any economic complaints on this map. The combat will be fast and furious, as each base has wide ramps to defend. This 4 player map will run well on most lower-end computers.
  7. 81 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2006-07-26 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Intelligence reports indicate that they might have found the prototype "No Ship" built by the Richesian researcher Cholyn. This stealth ship was lost by the Harkonnens while on a mission over the mother school complex on Wallach IX. It was thought that the Bene Gesserit destroyed the ship, but roomers persist that the remnants of the craft might have been moved to a more secure location on Arrakis. The wreckage is located near the Southern Worm Line and that is where your next mission will be. Destroy the enemy garrison guarding the area, then we will begin to look for the stealth ship. Good luck and good hunting commander.
  8. 42 downloads

    Author » Sven the Slayer Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-17 Players » Four Map Size » 152 * 152 Additional Info » Pretty simple map (yes, I make a lot of those). Each player must fight for control of the spice in the middle of the map. There are spice mounds elsewhere on the map, but the middle will be your main source of income. Remember to use the four patches of infantry rock to your advantage.
  9. 38 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2007-01-03 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This map was designed for as a traditional map that starts on building rocksand not in the center of the map. Attack the Elites was designed by Voodoodaddy and made by Duke Davis II.
  10. 34 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2007-01-03 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This map was designed for as a traditional map that starts on building rocks and not in the center of the map. Attack the Elites was designed by Voodoodaddy and made by Duke Davis II. This is a center start map for online or LAN play only.
  11. Gobalopper



    Author » Antisonic Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-19 Players » Five Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Well this is my first attempt with the new editor, took a bit of playing with and some things did not work, but oh well. I have a slow connection so can not play online, but my friends and I LAN pretty hard so this is geared with what we like in mind. The map is as large as they get, with largish bases, but not so easy to be exploited, as they are split in two halves with a narrow gap of rock between. large deposit of spice outside bases initially then players will need to depend on the spice blooms later in game. The base landmasses are based (in a wierd way) on the shape of Australia, (my homeland), hence the map title. there is a large cluster of rock in the cetre which comprises of the fifth base (if anyone is unlucky (or lucky if you like the advantages it can offer) enough to get stranded there. My friends and I like big bases with huge battles over large maps, so that is what this is. Oh and the dead worms where just me playing with a few items and to break up the space.
  12. Stealth



    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-15 Players » Two Map Size » 96 * 96 Additional Info » Small two player map with spice inbetween the buildable areas. One ramp to each buildable area.
  13. Gobalopper

    Broken Land


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-19 Players » Four Map Size » 72 * 128 Additional Info » n/a
  14. Gobalopper

    Big Fight


    Author » WebTurf Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-29 Players » Four Map Size » 256 * 184 Additional Info » Nice large map with big bases that are easy to defend. For all of you who like good long battles. Lots of spice!
  15. Gobalopper

    Blades Fate


    Author » Vilgent Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-01-03 Players » Four Map Size » 136 * 136 Additional Info » This map is a more intuned version of Knife fight with more rock, more infantry rock, and more spice zones. It gets pretty intense even with AI's fighting against you. I recommend quickly grabbing the spice fields and having air and ground dominance to fully rule the sands on this map.
  16. Gobalopper



    Author » kreigzeit Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-11-04 Players » Three Map Size » 160 * 176 Additional Info » This is my second map. This time I went with a three player map. Put lots of spice in the middle, but there are some advantages to going to the spice areas on the side. The lighting is nighttime... This map has a lot of real estate, you should be able to get away with not expanding, but you may want to so you can get to certain spice areas. The bridges were pretty simple, although my first test allowed everyone to run off the edges and jump back on :P. Now the bridges work properly. (can't walk under them, but that is a game limitation) As last time, I made sure the computer players will be good and fun. I adjusted the AI areas so they go where you are going so there are plenty of battles. The battles in the middle can go on for hours if you aren't careful.
  17. Gobalopper

    Bull's Eye


    Author » Mifioso Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-04-16 Players » Eight Map Size » 192 * 192 Additional Info » Large map with big bases. Spice in the centre surrounded by infantry rock!
  18. 52 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2007-01-03 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » The enemy has taken control of the dusty little town Canyon Rim commander. The town is vitally important because of two mega cannons located in the center of the city. Donated by the Guild many years ago, these cannons are used to destroy or deflect space debris from hitting Arrakis. Because its lies 125 miles from Arrakeen, the enemy plans to shoot down any spacecraft entering or leaving Arrakis unless there demands are met. This would mean a major interruption in spice production which would drive up the price for spice. Our forces have surrounded the city and it is your mission to move in and annihilate the enemy. Destroy the cannons if you must, or capture them. Its your call. Victory will be ours commander.
  19. Gobalopper

    Chin Rock


    Author » Walt Huber Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-11-09 Players » Three Map Size » 120 * 200 Additional Info » A larger map with plenty of opportunities to pick a spot for a firefight. Each side has a protected spice zone until it runs out. After that anyone can shoot at anyone else in the other spice zones. Everyone is pretty close with some obstacles that restrict a wide assault, and plenty of cliff areas for shooting fairly safely into the sand areas.
  20. Version 2


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-01-01 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » All participants start on the fortified island. The building surface is minimal and the enemy is close by. There is a infantry passage on each corner of the island allowing the infantry to access all areas. For the vehicules you will need the advanced carryall. Several neutral buildings are spread all over the map to help out either side. Only the strongest will survive and/or make it to the other areas...
  21. 39 downloads

    Author » Antisonic Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-20 Players » Two Map Size » 112 * 256 File Size » 3894 KB Downloads » 1984 Additional Info » Fast quick little map, take the centre, and protect those ramps up.
  22. mendelbop



    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-24 Players » Two Map Size » 80 * 80 Additional Info » Small Arrakis map with... tada... only one base rock, but its not connected all the way. Anyway you can extend your base to enemy base later in game and have intense turret fight or you can just march to spice and then attack with your troops from your enemy's backdoor. By the way unlike my previous maps, I added AI zones for this one so it is can be played skirmish too.
  23. ^SnIpeR^



    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-17 Players » Two Map Size » n/a Additional Info » Two bases are essentially side by side, but the only way by land to the enemy base is through a corridor right between the two bases that runs parallel. This means there will be artillery along the canyon walls, and getting any form of units through will prove very difficult.
  24. 65 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-21 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 File Size » 6560 KB Downloads » 4768 Additional Info » After giving much consideration to the subject i came to the conclusion that this map will still be mostly ground warfare based. Westwood made ground units more effective at anti-air than the meager air units they included. So on this map the most important unit will be the advanced carryall. Players would have 2 options. Try and get loads of units in the centre, or get AA units in between the spice field an the enemy base early on. If a full 8 players are playing i would advise them to ally with their nearest neighbour. One last thing -> in this map the Atreides has an advantage...
  25. 87 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-11-10 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Greetings commander. A Spacing Guild ambassador has come to us with a serious problem. It seems that one of their ships was hijacked a few days ago and taken to The Great Flat desert region on Arrakis. The hijackers are in the process of dismantling the ship with the purpose of learning the secret of folding space and finding where is the Guild homeworld, Tupile, is located. The Guild trusts our house enough to give us the mission to secure this territory of Arrakis and destroy the hijackers. This is a very important operation command, so failure is not an option.
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