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  1. Yep, the location looks all right now.
  2. I think, he's sending them from England as you can see his location.
  3. Gob, also the Location its kinda weird how it looks. There should be a space between "Location" and the location itself or " : ". I think Gruntlord already mentioned this in "Site Updates" but probably you forget, heh.
  4. Seb

    Site Updates

    Looks better now. Thanks man.
  5. Seb

    Site Updates

    There is a slide difference but the round avatars still remained. When I looked into IPSFocus site, the shape was a square.
  6. Seb

    Site Updates

    Looks good. I prefer the carbon theme more.
  7. Seb

    Site Updates

    Good changes around here, I thought that the site needs some updates since the old theme was in-use for a long period. I used my email address instead of username to login.
  8. Cm_blast yo man ! Your campaigns are class. They are well done and have a great design, I played with so much joy. A lot of effort putted in them deserves a big "Congratulations" from me. Keep at good work.
  9. I deleted the Music folder and no more music in-game, this is an option. I didn't tried the renaming/moving one but could be a good one too.
  10. Nice stuff, glad to see a connection between them.
  11. Just played few of them and all I can say is that they are well made, I really appreciate your work Feda.
  12. Awesome news, but too bad that I can't play on 22nd of December, because I will be away till January. So have fun and good luck to everybody.
  13. Any updates? I checked the MissionLauncher few times and I didnt saw any expansion there.... Sorry if I'm eager but Feda did and do very good missions which I always played them with joy.
  14. hehe, Feda I saw your videos about adware, they were funny on the one hand but true on the other hand.
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