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    Sweet! Take your time, my dude. Well, we can fight on a Heighliner at least. And maybe Caladan too, but that's still rough around the edges. Here's some more background on the whole tileset development process, if you want more context: That said, if you've got any ideas, requests, or contributions for one of the homeworld tilesets, please do let me know. Aye, that's a great idea and I'm glad it worked! I look forward to seeing more of this stuff. If you're having trouble affecting a certain thing, I'm sure Cm or I would be able to help. I'm in the process of fixing up my OG smugglers campaign with the modern changes to the mod, and finishing the second half of the campaign (four more levels to do and the whole 30-map thing is done), so... once that's 100% done I can turn my full attention to actually working up some more tilesets. If possible. I'm not confident about doing anything artistic until it's actually done. And I can always chat in the meantime. Maps and stuff take a while to do, but messaging is quick and easy. Edit: Hey man, I really liked that idea of making the Saboteurs able to detonate on units. So I added it to my mod, too! I also got a little more work done on the Combat Tank sprites. The entire set of sprites facing towards the right is complete. Here are a couple of demonstrations with details under the spoilers. Saboteur detonation demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf4aT3TYf_8 Combat Tank stripes, expanded: https://prnt.sc/me3uzr See you soon, I hope.
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