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  • Posts

    • Cutscenes not working
      Apparently the cutscenes work on my laptop. Strange, it might have something to do with my computer then.
    • Engine Age and Replacement
      I thought about that map today.  If I'm remembering correctly, I had a bunch of AIs running.  When I  merged an AI, that AI started another company with the extra cash the AI earned when I bought him out.  That is how the map got so large.  It wasn't planned.  I finally figured out that I needed a lot of cash to control each AI.  The way I won the game was being able to make enough money to buy out every AI at the same time and remove his ability to earn more cash to start another company.   TO stay on topic.  I seldom updated locos.  I ran them until they died.  I did slow an old loco down.  Kind of like me, I slowed down a lot as I got older.  Chow ------- Gwizz  
    • Engine Age and Replacement
      I don't remember.  That is a big map.  I've made so many maps. I still have many I never finished.  I was always looking for something different and difficult. Thanks for the question.  I will look for that china map.   I'm feeling better now.  Stay clear of Kidney Stones.  They are beyond painful.  I have too many other medical problems.  So I didn't need stones.      
    • Alternate way to install original Dune2000
      One way I used to install Dune2000 on Win7 x64.. Get your Dune2000 disc or image and go to Explorer.  Next.. Create a directory on One of your harddrives c:\ for example c:\Dune2000. . Now copy the content of the Dune2000 disc to your newly made directory,  all the files . Now your done and you can select the Dune2000 exe. The game should run fine. . Note: if  the game wont run move it(entire directory) to program files(x86).. The game worked for me on win7x64 in a directory (also known as a folder) on my root c:\ drive in a newly named folder..   Attention: : if this works on win8 or Win8.1 i really dont know    I' m planning to use the same method on Win10 x64 but i have to find my Dune2000 disc first. .i'l keep you updated on my findings    Have fun
    • Engine Age and Replacement
      Fuel cost increases slightly with age as well. Not as much as maintenance does, of courses. Something else to swing the balance toward shorter loco life. In one case, by the time that maintenace had doubled, fuel cost was up by around 30%. That may not matter for most engines, but, for some of the 20th century steam on Expert mode, fuel costs can be high enough that this might be strategic to consider.   @Gwizz, Good to see you stopping by, hope you stay strong. In exploring Styria 1840, I came across one of your China saves where you had 1307 locos. It's the last one on this page: The link to your description is now dead. If you feel up to it, would you mind reviewing how long it took you to make, and what your main goal was, or where you just trying to build as much as you could on the map?
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